Sunday, July 24, 2011
I have found that life continues to move forward whether we will it to or not.  It is the human nature to think that removing one person from the equation would be a pause where life would stop for that moment.  Reality is that it doesn't stop and we have to evaluate our importance in any given situation along the way.

When we have the opportunity to reassess our priorities and where we place them in our lives, it is a chance to choose those things that we previously might have missed or overlooked.  It is essential that we always remember that every moment we are alive gives us the chance to evaluate and choose what path or road we are going to take.  It doesn't matter how far down the road you have already gone, you can turn around or do a detour.

So in light of several experiences this week and the death of a pop star to the overdose of drugs.... it just reaffirms that we make our choices, we have a chance to change them along the way and we ultimately will be responsible for the outcomes if we choose to ignore the open doors that are presented to us.  Whether those open doors are extra time to be with loved ones, a chance to be happier in life, some special time with your children, making time to meditate or ...... fighting for your sobriety...... in the end, life will go on without us and we have a choice to choose our fate all the time, every moment we are alive.

May we all choose wisely.
Blessed Be


Hubbie and I

Hubbie and I

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